I’ve always had a passion for creating videos as a hobby for my family and close friends. After our youngest son's recent death, I realized that God gave me this gift to use to inspire others and help them through tough times.   The journey for video montages began 9 years ago with a simple request from a close friend to create a video montage for a police officer who died from brain cancer. 

As more requests came in, not only for memorial compilations, but also for wedding reception entertainment, anniversary celebrations and birthdays, I realized that the need for an affordable video shorts were such a value added addition to any special occasion.

Celebrations are worth keeping and having a video to share with family and friends (not to mention social media) is a treasured keepsake.

We also know first hand, what it is like to lose a loved one and do truly feel your pain. What we hope to do is give you a way of remembering your loved one's life and memorable events with a unique DVD movie. 

John and Maria Como

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